Who We Are… and Why it Matters

Our company stands proudly on a foundation built around a clear mission statement, great people, and impactful interactions.

Make a Difference

To ensure that we leave every interaction having made a positive impact to improve our clients and their stakeholders financial positioning.

We’re business owners and we get it. We’re not internal sales reps at large institutions who work solely for their commissions. We invest an immense amount of time into our business relationships, not only to understand what makes the stakeholders tick, but to ensure that everyone feels well supported. The company name says it all: it’s not just about making sure your bottom lines are in the right place, it is about making sure we’re helping each and every stakeholder live a better life because of our knowledge and service.

From Our Founder

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We Don't Sell Products,
We Solve Problems

Our organization focuses on a due diligence process that delivers a clear and concise agenda for our path forward. Once a problem is determined, we work tirelessly to evaluate the solutions in front of us. After taking our client’s goals into consideration, we’ll help implement that strategy. We’ll even stand by your side to help review your strategies, service them and the individuals utilizing it to make sure everyone is properly cared for along the way.

Our History

Born out of an insurance and financial advisory practice, our company stands on a strong foundation for risk and asset management. We’ve worked for over a decade to support our clients insurance and financial goals. Along the way, we’ve been able to create truly positive impacts to our clients financial lives as well as those that depend on them.

For Us, a Bottom Line Isn’t Measured by a Profit Margin. We Measure Our Success Based on the Positive Impact We Make Across:

Our People

Our employees are like family. Everyone that works at Bona Vita Benefits is a “partner.” We work together to create a positive internal environment. That translates to a company that works tirelessly to meet each individual customer’s needs.

Our Community

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the community and its leaders to help support the lives within it. We are always ready to roll up our sleeves and figure out ways to give back to those who tirelessly support our city and county.

Our Clients

Our commitment to “above and beyond” service is impossible to ignore. We don’t believe in a “9 to 5” mentality and our clients know that. We work around the clock to ensure you and your stakeholders are taken care of, and we’re there when you need us.

Our Causes

Each and every member of the Bona Vita Benefits team are encouraged to put their time and resources behind a good cause. We know that our time is limited, but our reach and its impact are not.

Our impact

How We Help the World

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