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Our Promise

Who is Bona Vita Benefits dedicated to?

Every business has a community it serves and within it, stakeholders that have varying degrees of needs.  Take a quick look at who we give our word to serve selflessly.

Our promise is to the employer who works tirelessly to grow their business. 

We know that running a successful business requires total dedication to your product, your clients and your employees.  It’s our job to help make sure you can focus on doing yours without losing sight of your long-term financial goals.

Our promise is to the employee who supports a growing business and, from that, creates financial wellness for their family. 

We know you spend a lot of time in uncomfortable seats and throughout your daily routine may forget to focus on yourself.  We’re here to help keep your finances taken care of.  Whether it’s focusing on financial goals or helping you access the best care available, we’ll stand by your side to keep you progressing toward your goals.

Our promise is to the family you love and work tirelessly to provide for. 

As your family grows and life continually changes, we’re here to help make sure you have the resources necessary to provide for those you love and care for.  We’ll be there to help your family prepare through different avenues of your financial life.  Whether it’s insuring yourselves or preparing to send kids to college, Bona Vita Benefits can help you make it happen.

What are we dedicated to?

Our Relationships • Integrity • Consistent Communication

“Above and Beyond” Service • Keeping Our Promises • Squaring Our Actions

Giving Back • Personal and Professional Development • Teamwork