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Whether you’re a start up experiencing a lot of growth or a mature business with hundreds of employees, we’re here to help you address your concerns and needs.  A business needs to be prepared to tackle their benefits package as it grows and changes.  Whether you’re a company that has employees across various states, or a business with very specific needs, we’re here to help analyze the options to ensure you create the most appropriate benefits program.  Take a look at a few of our offerings and case studies below.

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Case Study 1: Family Funeral Home Company

A company based in NJ with forty six employees was traditionally told by their broker to choose a fully-insured health plan.  This type of plan worked well for the group while they were a boutique sized firm, but as they started to grow—offering a more comprehensive benefits program that competed with fortune 500 companies was important.  After working with the group and consulting them on their current plan it was determined that the group may be better suited by choosing a strategy that was more competitively priced.  The group then decided to look at a partially self-insured plan which uses stop-loss insurance and a self insuring sinking fund to pay for claims.  At the end of the year, the group saved close to 24% on premium and they were returned a percentage of their unclaimed reserve funds.

Case Study 2: Real Estate Technology Company

A small company currently operating out of NY has eleven employees and is in the process of being funded by a second round of investors.  This second round will help them employ an additional seven employees that will continue to grow their business.  The employees they are interested in attracting will likely come from well established companies with comprehensive benefits.  In order to provide a similar offering, many vendors will need to come together to ensure a comparative offering.  After reviewing payroll costs, it was determined that working with a Professional Employer Organization will not only be more cost effect for benefits, but will provide them numerous offerings that compete well with large established company offerings.  The group was able to go after their new talent without hesitation and when the question came up of whether or not they offered benefits, there wasn’t a shred of awkward silence.

Case Study 3: Civil Engineering Company

A new company that operates out of New Jersey is growing rapidly and needs to be able to offer a retirement package to their employees.  After speaking with a few individuals, they began evaluating their options on a 401(k).  What they were not aware of, was all of the compliance and regulatory filing that was required with that type of employer sponsored retirement plan.  After meeting with Bona Vita Benefits, the company reviewed other options including a SIMPLE IRA which had close to zero operating costs.  The group established the new plan as a SIMPLE IRA and 100% of the employees became participants and started funding the plan.  As the assets continue to grow, the fees and costs will reduce.  The company’s individuals were all able to meet with Bona Vita Benefits to review their goals and receive personalized asset allocation models to use for their future investments. 

*Each of these case studies are hypothetical information and not representative of a particular product.