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Corporate Strategies

Each business is a function of various components, but most have a common thread; How do you continue to grow your business and help ensure employee retention while limiting the inherent risks associated with your operational structure?

Employer Sponsored Benefit Arrangements

Health Benefits

Dental Benefits

Life Insurance Benefits

Disability Benefits

Vision Benefits

Retirement Benefits (401(k), 403(b), SEP IRA, Simple IRA, etc.)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Business Succession Arrangements

Corporate Cross Purchase Buy-Sell Arrangements

This type of arrangement is an “owner-to-owner” agreement where the surviving owner(s) agree to buy the deceased owner’s interest.  When funded with life insurance, this arrangement helps ensure cash is available to help with the buyout.

Stock Redemption Buy-Sell Arrangements

A contract agreed to by the corporation and shareholders that requires the corporation to purchase the interest of a shareholder under specified terms and conditions.  When funded by life insurance, it helps ensure that cash value will be available to help with the buyout. >>Learn More

Generational Transition of Business >>Learn More

Executive Bonus Arrangements

This type of arrangement is a way for you to provide needed life insurance to a key employee and receive an income tax deduction for doing so.  This plan can be structured in a restricted way, providing an endorsement that limits the employees access to cash values in the plan.  This arrangement works as a golden handcuffs, providing a retention tool for the employer. >>Learn More

Tax Deductible to Employer? Yes

Subject to ERISA? No

Contribution Limits? None

Cash Values Taxable? No, if withdrawn as a loan

Held by Participant or Company? Either

Do I have to offer it to everyone? No