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Asset Management

Bona Vita Benefits manages client capital utilizing a disciplined, value-oriented, and research-driven investment process.  We provide a Holistic Approach in which we need to fully understand our client’s financial objectives, needs, aspirations and concerns.  Our portfolios Focus on Value to provide opportunities for growth in areas our research indicate have the potential.  And lastly, we are always Mindful of Risk.  It’s important to understand risk, know how to manage it, but not let it control your money.  See below for some of our services and strategies.


Whether you’re looking to just start investing or are interested in a more buy-and-hold approach, we offer investment options from many different  industry recognized companies across the different classes.

Managed Accounts

I offer various wrap fee advisory programs. A wrap fee advisory program bundles, or wraps, investment advisory services which may include advice concerning the selection of available investment options, investment research, and professional management) and brokerage services (such as execution of transactions and custody of assets), providing them to a client and charging a specified wrap fee. Each investor has very different goals and concerns, so it is important you consider whether or not his type of strategy is right for you. 


Another area of experience is preparing for retirement.  Part of the greatest challenge to this retiring generation and all future ones will be planning their distributions in accordance with life expectancy.  Individuals are living longer than ever, but the question remains the same, “will my money last as long as I do?”  It’s important to understand the pros and cons when investing in an annuity, and whether one company’s strategy is better than another.  We will work with you and industry leading companies to find the right strategy to fit your needs so you can feel confident your retirement assets will last you a lifetime.

Case Study 1: Insurance and Retirement

A couple in their early sixties is beginning the process of projecting out the next ten years of their financial lives.  With retirement around the bend, it is important for them to build a roadmap of what their retirement and investment needs are now.  After thoroughly reviewing the guaranteed income streams they’d be receiving from social security and small pensions, we determined there was a slight gap to making their retirement visions come true.  Working with an advisor at Bona Vita Benefits, they were able to create two portfolios providing the supplemental income their plan required.  One strategy was designed to protect a future income that they could rely on regardless of market conditions.  The remaining strategy was to be invested in a Managed Account and would provide a dividend distribution in retirement.  This balanced portfolio should help provide them with a reliable stream of income and opportunity for market growth. 

*Each of the case studies are hypothetical information and not representative of a particular product.